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Accessing the Radio ComPort

Before making ANY changes to Radio Programming/Configuration, ALWAYS start by 

  1. Setting the ComPort

  2. Read from the Radio


This will eliminate a lot of stress when working with AnyTone radio software (CPS).  If you have any issue related to the ComPort, check the following:


  1. Is the Programming Cord properly and fully seated to the radio and is the USB-end properly connected to the computer?

  2. Have I told the CPS software to "Set" the com port either by clicking the SET - SetCOM tab/option or by clicking the SetCOM button (little square button in 3rd line of screen top with a plug-up and plug-down symbol on it).

  3. Is the COM# shown in the Communication Setting pop-up screen highlighted or not? If not, then select it by clicking on it one time.

  4. Am I able to execute a Program? Read From Radio Tab/Option or can I click on the Read From Radio button (little square button in 3rd line of screen top with a little arrow pointing to a computer symbol on it) and get a read from radio confirmation pop up? 

  5. The first time you read your existing radio configuration into your CPS software, ALWAYS select and read both the Digital Contact List and the Other settings via the check boxes. This will guarantee that the CPS has a complete "Current" image of your radio and will initialize all the parts of the software.  


Note: If you have a complete current Digital Contact List, it will take 3-5 minutes with a fast computer to load as it currently contains over 180,000 contacts.