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AnyTone 578 Factory Reset

It sometimes becomes necessary to  fully reinstall the radio software to clear random glitches.  The actual instructions and files are found in the current FW version on our website.  This also requires addition files call SCT 3258 Base Band update. links are provided below:   The process is as follows:




1.) Save your current code plug file to your PC

2.) Perform an MCU Reboot as described in the Firmware (FW) Update Instructions (Hold PTT & PF1 function keys while turning on the radio)

3.) Do an SCT 3258 Base Band install per the Base Band Instructions.

4.) Install FW by doing a FW Update per instructions (Power the radio "ON"; Press and Hold both the MENU and EXIT keys, and power the radio "OFF". You may see a non-relevant message on the display, but keep holding the 3 buttons until you get the 

blinking red light over the power-off button.)


5.) Perform an MCU Reboot as described in the Firmware (FW) Update Instructions (To Reset the Radio: Press and Hold the two front panel keys P2 and the Channel Knob ) **the one above the microphone connector** Hold these two keys while turning on the radio and it will reboot the radio into the  MCU Reboot Mode.  The radio Reset Screen will appear and ask you to Confirm the reset by pressing the green Menu button

key on the front panel. The reset itself will take a minute or more.


Base Band Update file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t0dtjmandt3s0g3/D578%20Base%20Band%20IC%203258%20update.zip?dl=0


FW Update File:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/spdo53mwv2kww8l/D578UVPRO%20V1.08FW%26CPS%20official%20release.zip?dl=0


Detailed instructions for the Base Band Update and FW update are included in the FM update folders.