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AnyTone AT-D878UVII APRS Rx Setup

D878 V2 APRS Rx Setup   


1.) Use the latest FW version.  

2.) Radio is setup with an APRS Rx frequency channel - 144.390 Simplex - This is the channel that  will Rx APRS signals on the national APRS frequency.  

3.) On a Digital channel, open the Settings -> Channel Settings and use the up/ down center rocker  button to set the following:  

a. [20] APRS Receive = On  

b. [21] SMS Forbid = On  

c. [22] DataAck Forbid = On  

d. [23] DMR Mode = Simplex  

4.) Switch to the APRS Analog channel 144.390 and it will Rx APRS and post the data to the radio  display.  

5.) Additional settings added with FW 2.01b:  

At this point the radio should be ready to Rx APRS  

When the APRS packet is received, the APRS Rx data should popup on the radio Display for a short  interval.  

The APRS Rx data is also stored as a list in Radio Menu -> Settings –> APRS -> [3] Ana APRS Info You can  open the data from the List to see the details.