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AnyTone CodePlug Creation and Troubleshooting for Beginners

Beginner Code Plug Guide

If you are having difficulty programming in your first DMR code plug, we do have an excellent step by step guide that is taken from the perspective of a person who is unboxing the radio and attempting to use the software for the first time (which was my experience with the AnyTone 878 just a year ago).   Having been a HAM since 1995, the AnyTone was unlike anything else I had seen before, yet not much different from an analog radio when it comes to computer programming.  Unlike Analog, you will encounter 2 other fields which you may not have seen before which are Color Code (which is essentially the same thing as CTCSS in the Analog Realm) and also Time Slot (there are 2 time slots or communications channels on each digital frequency).  There is also your Digital DMR ID which you'll have to program into your radio before you can use a digital hotspot or a repeater, and you'll need to also add these channels to a Zone prior to writing your code plug over to your radio.   The following video will show you how to do this: