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AnyTone Firmware Update Tutorial and Video

It is important to realize that radios are not like PC's. They do not need to have an update done to the FirmWare unless there is something wrong with the current version, or unless there is something specific that is desired in another version.  That being said, the following is how it is done.


Every AnyTone CPS/FW download we provide on our website includes a complete set of instructions for your device and version within the .ZIP file.


If you still intend to change your FW, ALWAYS do an Export of your code plug set (.LST and .CSV files).


I recommend:


  1. Create a folder RadioBkup on your desktop (if you do not yet have one).  

  2. Create a folder within RadioBkup called CPS9-99 (where 9-99 is your Current version id).

  3. Download the CPS/FW .ZIP file for the current version of your radio, into folder CPS9-99.

  4. Within the folder CPS9-99 expand the zip file.

  5. You will use This CPS to create your backup code plug set.

  6. Save your Exported code plug set in the Radio Backup folder in its own sub-folder called StartingCdPlugSet.

  7. Repeat process steps 2 - 4 for the Destination CPS/FW version.

  8. After you expand the .ZIP file, You will see a version of the following files ("878 v1.19" as example below) :




  1. Within the "A READ FIRST" folder you will find a detailed step by step instruction with pictures of how to reset your firmware. I recommend printing this off and reading completely through it a couple times to familiarize yourself with the instructions and finding everything you need to know ahead of time.

  2. After you update your FW you will then need to Import the previously Exported code plug set.


Here is a link to one of our videos we have created on this subject: