• My programming cable will not work with my Window XP, 7,8,10 computer. What do I do? Go to the FTDI USB Chip web site driver page. Once there open the Installation Guide and open the document for your windows version. Follow the guide to determine you need a VCP (Virtual Com Port) driver and download the driver for your version of Windows. Then continue to follow the FTDI Installation Instructions. Once complete plug in your programming cable and read your radio. Congrats, you are all set!



  • How can I store a memory channel in VFO mode? From p13 in the manual: 
    • 1. While the RX frequency to store is displayed, Press and then press to start the channel store operation. The word SAVE will be displayed and flash on the screen. 2. Press to select which channel number slot to assign to the frequency. You can also key in the 3-digit channel number. 3. Press to store the channel.  A ‘good’ beep will indicate success. Otherwise, press or to cancel and return to previous frequency screen.


  • My radio opens squelch even when set to 9, why? Two possibilities: 1. Wide/Narrow band setting. 2. Interference. One, check menu #11 from the front panel in VFO mode and make sure it is set to wide. The 220 band is a wide (25khz) band, so setting it to narrow will not work with the repeaters on the band. Two, walk away from the interfering electronic device. Many of today's electronic devices like fluorescent lights and LED/LCD monitors emit too much RF that when in close proximity to the radio will cause the squelch to open.  


  • VFO, Memory, Alpha Modes: How do I get to each one?  The Alpha mode can only be programmed from the programming software under the name section.


  • VFO, Memory, Alpha Modes: How do I get to each one? The radio has three modes: Alpha Channel Memory, Channel Memory, and VFO mode. In Alpha Channel Memory mode very few changes can be made through the front of the radio. About all you can do is arrow up/down through the preprogrammed channels. You'll know you are in this mode because the display will have a channel number in the upper left and Alpha Numeric display on the main screen.
    Channel Memory Mode and VFO modes are the most common operating modes. Channel mode displays a channel number in the upper left and only numbers on the main display. VFO mode shows only numbers on the main display (NO channel numbers in the upper left).
    If you are having trouble programming the radio from the front panel check the radio mode. You can find instructions for changing the mode on p12 in the manual? If you see alpha characters plus the channel number (upper left), then you are in Alpha Channel mode and your ability to program the radio will be very limited. Follow the instructions on the p12 section to change between the modes. Check out the video for more help


  • IF you cannot get the FM radio to function, there are some radios that need a new codeplug installed. This requires the programming kit. Contact us at 816-532-8451 for information.