Here is the BCH- 270 Spec Sheet.


Get on the air by following the Quick Start Video.


Using the BCH-270 Programming Software, Volume 1.0, by Jim Cason

  1. Beginning: Make sure the radio is “OFF.” Connect the radio to a computer with the programming cable (radio first; computer USB last).
  2. Turn radio “ON.” Run (turn on) the program. Click the “PORT” button. If a port has been chosen, it will be indicated. In some cases, Port 3 will be chosen. Click “OK,” or choose one, then click “OK.”
  3. Now click the “READ” button which will read the list of frequencies and/or associated data from the radio. If you don't care what is in the radio, then skip this step.
  4. You may now choose and input the frequencies, including the “point” ( . ) into the “A” or “B” channels, as desired. If a repeater has a tone, choose it from the pulldown in columns QT/DQT Dec and QT/DQT Enc, as necessary.
  5. Radio output power may be chosen from column labeled “Power” and choosing “High” or “Low” from the pulldown. Other parameters may be changed IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. When you have input the proper frequencies and/or associated parameters, you may click the "SAVE" button to save the radio programming file. 
  6. When ready to put the frequencies and/or data into the radio, click the “WRITE” button; “OK” the port. You are now finished. If you have made any changes, remember to “Save” the data file into the previously used file or make a newly named file. Further modifications may be accomplished in the future by modifying the previous existing radio programming file and running this procedure again.


How do you use the programming software? 

First, use the quick start guide in the manual, or watch the Quick Start Video to program and save your first channel in the radio. This will get you familiar with the radio and save a channel to memory.
Open the programming software and read the radio. On the programming software, the frequencies in the programming are just there for an example. Feel free to erase and start new. Find the channel you saved, see how the fields are programmed? Now use it as an example to program your other channels between A Group (2m) and B Group (70cm). Also, use the picture below for describing the columns.



Storing a Channel to Memory

Channel frequencies are stored using the radio programmer or by using the radio in VFO
mode only. The following instructions are for VFO mode radio operation.

1. While the RX frequency is displayed and the desired TX and RX signaling is set, press F and
then press 2 2 to bring up the MEM CH? Menu option. Press the F key again to
2. Press the UP/DOWN keys to choose or input the channel number where you want the
channel stored. For example key in 0 0 6. The word SAVE will be displayed and flash on
the screen.
3. Press F key to display YES? Press the F key again to confirm. The channel is now stored.


Deleting a Channel from Memory
Deleting a channel is done in Memory mode.

1. Press A/B to Select the band where the channel you’d like to delete is located.
2. Press the F key followed by 2 3 to bring up DEL CH?
3. Press the F key again to bring focus to the channel name line. Press the UP/DOWN
buttons or the key in the channel number you would like to delete.
4. Once the channel name is displayed, press the F key, YES will be displayed. Press the F key
again and the channel will be deleted.