BCR Repeater

    • I can read the repeater but it's asking for a password. Is there a default password I can try?
      No. You'll need to recreate a NEW profile and write in.




  • Does the crossband repeater require a separate duplexer
    It requires 2 antennas, one for each band. No duplexer is required.



  • My display quit working. Did I turn it off? Very possibly, maybe by leaning on the front of the repeater. Here is how to turn it on or off. With the repeater on, press and hold the volume button. It's that easy!


  • What do the buttons on the front of the repeater do? Repeater mode selection, alignment menu, monitor to mute/unmute the front panel speaker, volume and menu adjustments. To access the alignment menu, press-n-hold the RPTR button for approx 2 seconds.



  • How come I can't get any received audio to pass through the repeater? It's most likely The RX and TX PL tone has been mistakenly programmed to USER 0 rather than USER 1.  USER 0 is reserved for SYSOP (System Operator) usage and is designed to not repeat calls but rather to communicate with the repeater.


  • Why does the CWID not repeat every 10 minutes? The "Broadcast Activity Independent" checkbox is not checked. This checkbox is in the EDIT CHANNEL form of the programmer. When checked, the repeater will send the station ID regardless of channel activity.  


  • Why is the repeater repeating every RX CARRIER and not decoding the CTCSS Tones? You have the "CSQ Repeat" checkbox checked. This checkbox is located in the receiver section of the EDIT CHANNEL form of the programmer.


  • When using my external controller, Why does the repeat audio sound bassy? Either enable your controller to turn on Tx Pre-emphasis or you need to turn on the repeater's TX Pre-emphasis. This is done by checking the Pre-emphasis checkbox in the Transmitter section of the EDIT CHANNEL form.


  • When using my external controller, why does the repeat audio sound tinny? Most likely you're pre-emphasizing the transmit audio twice. Either turn off the TX pre-emphasis in your controller or turn it off in the repeater.


  • Why does my external controller not recognize the COS/COR line? The COS/COR output line from the repeater is an active low OPEN DRAIN output. Therefore the COS/COR output requires a pull-up resistor to the voltage your controller requires for recognizing a HIGH. The reason for the OPEN DRAIN output is this allows the repeater to be connected to all kinds of different controllers.


  • How can I remotely reset the repeater?Using a radio that supports transmitting of DTMF, simply key 5555#. For more information check out the Video on remote mode.
  • How can I remotely disable the repeater? While transmitting with the SYSOP PL, key 7777#.


  • Can the repeater be powered by an external DC power supply? Yes, the back of the BCR repeater has a set of binding post for supplying DC power, like a 12V battery.  The input has an inline fuse. In the event the repeater is powered from a rechargeable battery, the internal power supply can be made to trickle charge the battery.


  • Digital Ready (AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE ONLY): We recommend you use the Complete Raspberry Pi3/STM32_DVM Combo at this link; http://www.repeater-builder.com/products/stm32-dvm.html. Then all the setup and support is through the repeater-builder.com site. The repeater will need to be in repeater mode, which can be found in the owners manual.