Brandmeister Hot Spot Password Requirements - Guide

With the original Plug-n-Play pkg, we were able to completely set up your radio and hotspot so you could just turn it on and go, but that has changed...


There has been a Change in the way that BrandMeister (BM) communicates with their DMR networks and TalkGroups (TG), in that they now REQUIRE a BrandMeister HotSpot Security Password... this is not the BrandMeister Password, but a special one for the HotSpot...


It's not difficult to set this up but it will take a few minutes, so we have created a couple videos to walk you thru this resolution,




We've also included a written-out set of instructions below if that works better for you...


     Enter your CallSign and Password in the appropriate fields and click the LOGIN button


This should open on your User Dashboard page...

In the upper right hand corner of the screen click on your "User Callsign"

     and cursor down to the "SelfCare" option and click on it.,.


This should open on the SelfCare page...

     Scroll down to the "Hotspot Security" section & click the OFF button to toggle it ON.


This will present the option to enter your Hotspot Password in the blank provided. (Even after you enter it, you will not even see the "***" characters) Remember to Keep It Simple.

The Hotspot Password must be in only one of the following formats:

     -- all upper case letters

     -- all lower case letters

     -- all numbers

...then click the SAVE button to complete.


Note: After this is complete, you will need to connect to your device ( http://pi-star.local/ ) and sign into your Pi-Star config ("pi-star"/"raspberry"). Once there, add this same exact BM HotSpot password into the Pi-Star "DMR Configuration" Section in the Pi-Star "HotSpot Security" and click the "ApplyChanges"...


This should resolve any issue with the Brandmeister Hotspot Password so you can get back to making Contacts...

We realize that some of this is "old hat" for you, but we note it here for reference sake...


As a reminder, there are some real distinctions between the process of making contacts in DMR and the Analog HF world. 


For the following AnyTone Radios

-- Handhelds, the channels are selected by the knob in the middle on top of the radio. 

-- Mobiles, the channels are selected by the knob in the upper right corner of the faceplate.  

(All controls are identified in the associated user guide included with each radio)


The Parrot TG channel (TG 9990) allows you to talk to yourself to verify connectivity and strength with the hotspot, and every TG that we connect to, we MUST disconnect-from using the TG Disconnect channel (TG 4000).