Customer Support Expectations

Level of Tech Support Solutions Customers Can Expect:

  • Basic product support questions to get your products functioning properly
  • Explanation of product specifications and features (Must be product we carry)
  • RMA or phone call if a product is assumed to be defective
  • Support on BridgeCom Systems software in a Windows 10 environment


Level of Technical Support Solutions Customer Should NOT Expect:

  • Design or programming of a custom codeplug
  • Hours of phone support and tutoring if videos demonstrating the solution to the customer's issue are available
  • Support on customer's routers, smartphones or PC's (beyond video tutorials of installation)
  • Support on outside resources (non-BridgeCom resources) such as BrandMeister or ContactManager Software
  • Support on non-Windows 10 devices


External Resources Available to Our Customers:

  • Facebook Groups
    • BridgeCom Systems' Official Group (Click Here)
    • Pi-Star Users Support Group (Click Here)
    • AnyTone DMR Users Group (Click Here)
    • ARRL Groups (there are several)
  • Local Repeater Club Websites
  • Pi-Star UK Website (Click Here)
  • BridgeCom Systems YouTube Channel (Click Here)