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CodePlug Conversions

Different Radios require different formats of their Configuration Code Plugs. Since this is so, it is usually the case that you would need to see the lowest level of the configuration files used to generate the code plug.


In AnyTone radios, this would normally require that you Export the .lst file and its associated .csv files and then take the details found in the .csv files and re-enter them into the new company's radio format.  Likewise, the reverse would be true if you were going from another radio to AnyTone.


However, a HAM, callsign N0GSG, has created a Configuration Code Plug Translator which has some success at translating to/from different formats. It can be found here:


            N0GSG DMR Contact Manager Support Page



As this is not our product, we provide it here for your assistance, but no warranties are given or implied.