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Do We Build Code Plugs for Local Repeaters?

We do not build code plugs for local repeaters. Please take a look at the following for a few tips on getting connected.


Often if the color code and time slot are not set correctly for the repeater, you will not be able to access or gain any audio from that repeater. Websites like reapeaterbook.com most often do not contain adequate or up-to-date information with which you can access digital repeaters, so it will often be necessary to either visit the website of the repeater club, or send direct inquiry to them in order to gain the needed programming information.


Another thing to consider is the digital monitoring function of your radio. You will want to set your digital monitoring to "dual time slot" or "promiscuous mode" if you need to be sure that you are hearing all of the communications from your newly programmed repeater channel. To switch to dual time slot monitoring, please see the following:




Here is a great Video with Ron showing how to use the CPS software to get started accessing local Repeaters.




How to Create a DMR Codeplug 2.0 by Sebastian KBØTTL