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Fixing Choppy/Bad Audio in Analog

If you are experiencing choppy audio in Analog mode, please review each optional setting. Oftentimes the code plug has the STE settings still set to “Silent” rather than “Off”. We have encountered this issue in the past with AnyTone radios on Analog frequencies. 


There is a great and simple fix that resolves this issue.  In the CPS under the Optional Settings, the STE tab, set the 1st two options to OFF and this resolves this issue. (see below)





This setting can be set by using the front panel also, but it is more involved:

(MENU - SETTINGS - Radio Set - [54] CTC STE - OFF) and 

(MENU - SETTINGS - Radio Set - [55] No Signal STE - OFF).


STE - Squelch Tail Elimination. This function is used to eliminate squelch tail noise between radios that are communicating directly. Reception of a 55.2 or 259.1 Hz (AnyTone) tone burst mutes the audio long enough to prevent hearing any squelch tail noise and is only needed if there is a repeater squelch issue that causes a tone when you unkey. If this is on and you don't need it, it can cause some intermittent squelch issue like you are experiencing.  This isn't compatible with normal phase shift reverse burst and its implementation does not work well with AnyTone radios. 


SET your com port and READ from your initialized radio to set up your CPS for your radio.   Then OPEN your backup image (.rdt file) into your CPS software and CHANGE the STE settings in the options as shown above. After you successfully Write To Radio the settings, be sure to SAVE a New Backup Image (.rdt file) with these settings (always good to date your images and put description in the name).  

Then have a great time communicating with your radio !