How to Backup and Restore Your SkyBridge Plus Configuration

Pi-Star, which is the OS running on the SkyBridge Plus, provides a mechanism for backing up and restoring configuration by saving and loading a backup file. If you need to backup your configuration or need to restore it to a known good configuration, then this is the right article for you.


If you need to restore your SkyBridge to factory settings, we have our default SkyBridge configuration available by clicking here. This is a zip file that, when uploaded to your SkyBridge, will reset it to factory condition. This will overwrite your existing configuration so only upload this file if you are sure you need to restore to factory settings.


First, power on your SkyBridge as usual. Once it boots past the initializing screen, you can now log into your SkyBridge. From your web browser (using a computer or smartphone that is connected to the same network as your SkyBridge), Enter the IP address displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen on the SkyBridge. Alternatively, if the computer you are using to read this article is connected to the same network, you can click this link to access it: http://pi-star.local

This will take you to the Pi-Star dashboard page as shown below:




Next, click on Configuration. This might cause a login prompt to appear. If so, enter pi-star for the username and raspberry for the password.

Once you're on the configuration page, click on the Backup/Restore option at the top of the screen.



This will take you to the Backup/Restore page. This page is used for both purposes.


To backup your current configuration, simply click the button with the big green down arrow:


This will save your current configuration (a zip file) on your PC. It is highly recommended to rename this file to something you will recognize in the future.

Do not extract/unzip this file. It will not work if unzipped.


To restore an existing backup file:

First, click on the Choose File button.



From the dialog that pops up, navigate to where your SkyBridge configuration zip file is saved and click Open

Finally, click the big green UP arrow and the configuration backup will be loaded to your SkyBridge Plus.  



Backing up and restoring your configuration is a quick and easy process, and having a known good backup file provides peace of mind in case you ever need it in the future.