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Obtaining your DMR ID

We recommend going to https://www.radioid.net/ to apply for your DMR ID. Once you get there, click on "Log In/Sign Up" at the left hand side of the screen towards the bottom of the black options bar. From here you can create an account and work through all of the prompts. You will get to a point where it will ask you to upload an official copy of your FCC license.  If you do not have an official copy of your FCC license, you may obtain one by going to the FCC website. Here is a link to step by step instructions on how to obtain a copy of your license:

Although we recommend using radioid.net, we are not affiliated with them and cannot offer support for their services. If you have difficulties with their site, please go their support page for assistance. Here is a link for your convenience: 


The following is an example of how to obtain your DMR ID from radioid.net


 Please note that you must first have a Technician Class or higher HAM radio callsign.