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Programming the AnyTone HandHeld Using Front Panel/Keypad

Programming the AnyTone HandHeld radios is best performed via the CPS software designed for your specific FirmWare version.  However, there are times when being able to add capabilities or temporarily change settings from the FrontPanel/Keypad can be very handy.  For those times, we have some great resources for Programming your AnyTone HandHeld from the KeyPad:


How to Program a Digital Frequency Through the AnyTone 868/878 Keypad - YouTube


How To Program Your AnyTone 878 Without a Computer! - YouTube


Adding a memory channel to your Anytone 878 for your hotspot - YouTube


How to Change VFO mode to Channel Mode on Handheld or Mobile Radio - YouTube


AnyTone D868 VFO Programming of Analog Channel - YouTube


Anytone AT D878UV DIY APRS Zone & Channel Setup - YouTube