TG Disconnect - Disconnecting From Dynamic Talk Groups

As a reminder, there are some real distinctions between the process of making contacts in DMR and the Analog HF world. 


On the Anytone Handhelds, the channels are selected by the 2nd knob on top of the radio. On the Anytone Mobile, the channels are selected by the knob in the upper right corner.  (All Controls are identified in the user guide included with each radio.)


The Parrot TG channel (TG9990) allows you to talk to yourself to verify connectivity and signal strength with the hotspot or digital repeater, and every digital TG that we Link-to (PTT while on that channel), we MUST Unlink-from using the SKY TG Disc channel (TG4000). Please Note: this channel can be programmed to any of the special buttons on the radio to make it quicker to select.


If you are experiencing a situation where it seems that your radio is receiving a broadcast signal but you don't hear anything, it is very likely that you are still linked to a TalkGroup(TG) through your hotspot even though you may not be on that "Channel" on the radio any more. To correct this and "Unlink" yourself, you could turn back to the channel where you last linked in, and execute a channel disconnect (TG4000) - as confirmed by your receiving the "Un-Linked" audio message from the computer generated voice.  Alternatively, you can Force Unlink by going to your BrandMeister Account and selecting the HotSpot in question on the left most column three quarters of the way down screen (after you login). Click on the hotspot and select "drop dynamic talk groups" on the right side of the screen.